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Thanks for your interest in a Vandals build. Bringing a raw modern feel to a classic machine. Classic lines with a modern touch. 


At Vandals we offer full, top to bottom, ground up rebuilds of old forgotten motorcycles. Our take on metric machines, including what we are known for, Cb750 Nighthawks. Bringing modern advances in technology like brakes and suspension while retaining their classic look. Wether it’s a similar style bike we’ve built already to a custom dream of your own, we can build it. Modern front end conversions, custom subframes, part fabrication and swingarm swaps is what we do here. We understand everyone has a vision and a dream, we at Vandals Moto want to create that vision while retaining our own raw and industrial style we hope you came to Vandals Moto specifically for. All our bike builds come with a front end conversion, this is our style and how we retain our look here at Vandals. We’re building a Vandals Custom ride not a clown garage death machine. 


Every build is unique and every motorcycle is different. From Honda to Yamaha, every model has their own negatives and positives. This makes every build cost different.  This does not include the donor bike cost. 

It all depends on what you want, the parts your trying to use and the condition of the donor bike. Build specifics will be discussed in depth if chosen to move forward with a build. Every bike is different. 

We can work within a budget and provide options. 

Interested in a bike that looks like that bike from The Walking Dead? You’ve come to the right place. 

Once you’ve contacted our team with a build request, we set an appointment to meet in person and we have confirmed a build we require a $500 deposit to move forward with design and timing. Unfortunately this weeds out dreamers and bullshitters and lets us know your equally as serious as we are. This deposit will be credited to your balance once building has begun. 

Payments are typically made in 3 installments, build deposit, part deposit and the remaining balance at completion. 


Once a deposit has been made, design and planning will go into your bike. We will discuss specifics like parts being used, paint color and so forth. Making the deposit guarantees your place in the build queue. Depending on the number your bike is in, builds can take 8-16 weeks 

Donor Bikes: 

Donor bikes are a complete separate cost from the build cost. At this time we do not offer any donor bikes. We source our own donor bikes on the World Wide Web, places like Craigslist and cycle trader. If you decide to build a bike with us and you need help finding a donor bike, we are happy to help. 

Thanks for your Interest in a Vandals Moto bike and i hope this answers any questions about our builds. If you’re interested further in a build, do not hesitate to email, call and ask any questions. 

Please contact us with your request! Let’s build a bike! 


Vandals Moto

CB750 Nighthawk Casper

The CB750 Nighthawk Casper. Originally a 1991-2003 CB750 Nighthawk is the preferred bike to build on here at Vandals Moto. Why you ask? Because everyone has a favorite and a brand they love the most and ours just so happens to be the Honda Nighthawk. Easy to find floating around on Craigslist and even more likely one sitting in the old mans barn down the road. The Nighthawk 750 with had the DOHC engine with self adjust valves making this a very low maintenance machine and in our opinion, one of the best motorcycle engines ever made. We are starting where Honda left off and putting our own take on the legendary CB750. 

We have two options available for the Nighthawk Casper starting at $10,000, donor bike included. 

Nighthawks are build to order. 

More information to come. Contact us for more details. 

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